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You don’t need any money to retain Cummings & Franck, P.C. to represent you if we decide to take your case. We are looking for employees we believe we can help because the law has been violated. First, we will talk to you on the phone for free to determine if we can help. Second, we will meet with you at our office. There is no consultation fee, and we have plenty of free parking. Third, if we decide we can help, we explain our services and offer to represent you on a contingency basis. If we offer to take your case, and you decide you want us to represent you, our firm will provide you quality representation through every aspect of your case. There is no fee to sign up with us, and we get paid from the money we recover for you. No recovery No fee.
No, absolutely not. Some of our best cases are the result of employees calling us before they get fired. Properly documenting evidence regarding why an employee is being terminated is easiest to do while you’re still an employee. You must assume your employer will lie about the illegal reason they fired you, so you should preserve evidence before you are fired. You should talk to an attorney to understand your rights and how to document evidence before you are fired, so it is difficult for your employer to lie about what happened.
You need an attorney to protect your rights. You are describing Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment, which is illegal. Call us immediately because it is likely we can help.
Nobody can guarantee your boss will still like you if you complain. However, it sounds like your boss is breaking the law by creating a hostile work environment based on your race. This is illegal racial harassment. You need to decide whether you want to stand up for your rights. It would be illegal for your boss to terminate you because you complained about racial harassment. However, you need to speak to an attorney so you know how to complain in a way that protects your rights. If you decide you want to stand up for your rights, you need to call us immediately because it is likely we can help.
It is very likely you were wrongfully terminated if you told your employer that you were missing work for a specific chronic medical condition, and you let him know what the condition was. Even better, if you gave your employer a doctor’s note confirming you missed work because of your chronic medical condition that would be best of all. You should definitely contact us, to see if we can help by representing you in a wrongful termination lawsuit.
If you qualified for protection under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), then you were likely wrongfully terminated. Also, if you missed work because of pregnancy related medical conditions, you may have also been wrongfully terminated. You need to call us so we can understand the specific facts of your case, so we can determine if we can help.
No, while there are some exceptions, generally your employer must pay you at least minimum wage even if he is paying you buy the piece. In other words, if you are paid by the piece and that does not add up to paying you at least minimum wage for the hours you work, then you may have a claim for back wages against your employer. Contact us, we may be able to help.

If you think you have been wrongfully terminated, or have had your rights as an employee violated, please feel free to contact