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At Cummings & Franck, P.C. we know California employee laws. That’s why we have been so successful representing employees who have been denied their rights.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN TERMINATED BECAUSE OF YOUR: race, national origin, color, ancestry, religion, gender, medical condition, physical injury, chronic disease, mental disability, physical disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, taking medical leave, taking family care leave, pregnancy, complaints about unlawful conduct, complaints about
sexual harassment , complaints about not being paid, complaints about unsafe conditions or safety issues, complaints about not getting breaks, complaints about violations of OSHA, complaints about Labor Code violations, complaints about cheating a customer, or other potentially unlawful reasons, YOU MAY HAVE BEEN WRONGFULLY TERMINATED, SO CONTACT US, WE MAY BE ABLE TO HELP. We can educate you about California employee rights, and advise you on California employment law.

Reasons To Contact Us

  • You believe you are going to be terminated for an unlawful reason;

  • You have been terminated for an unlawful reason;

  • You are being sexually harassed;

  • You are being harassed because of your race, age, or sexual orientation;

  • Your employer will not accommodate you because of your pregnancy;

  • Your employer is not accommodating your disability;

  • You were terminated for absenteeism due to a chronic medical condition;

  • Your employer terminated you while you were on medical leave;

  • Your employer is paying employees below minimum wage;

  • Your employer is not paying employees’ overtime;

  • Your employer is not paying employees for all hours that they work;

  • You are being retaliated against for complaining about unlawful activity;

  • Your employer is defrauding the federal, state or local government;

  • Many, many, more circumstances…

Demand Your Rights! Seek Justice!

Don’t let your employer, or former employer, get away with denying you your rights as an employee. Cummings & Franck, P.C. has experienced employment law lawyer Los Angeles California waiting to assist you. Contact us to see if we can help.

If you think you have been wrongfully terminated, or have had your rights as an employee violated, please feel free to contact