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How Can Employment Attorneys Help You?

  • Generally, employees are not aware of all the rights that they have in the workplace. Furthermore, employers have a motive to not properly train employees about their rights, so employees do not assert them. Also, many employers are actually ignorant about what rights employees have in the workplace, so they do not even know when they are violating their employees’ rights. Beyond all this, California employment law can be complex and confusing, so it may be difficult for a lay person to understand employment law in order to determine if their rights are being violated. For all these reasons, employees should always consult with an experienced employment attorney if they have concerns about issues in the workplace. California employment attorneys handle civil cases involving denial of employee rights. A good employment attorney should have experience handling cases to include: wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination, unlawful harassment, unlawful retaliation, whistleblowing, breach of contract, and violations of the various California Labor Codes. Most employees know they cannot be discriminated against or harassed because of their race, color, national origin, gender, disabilities, age, or religion. However, fewer know that in California they cannot be discriminated against for their sexual orientation or marital status. Most employees are unaware that it is illegal in California to be retaliated against for their complaints or reports to their employer about violations of laws or regulations, which are designed to protect the public. For example, it is generally unlawful to retaliate against an employee in California because they complain about unsafe conditions, not being paid properly, being sexually harassed, not being given proper lunch or rest breaks, defrauding a customer, not being accommodated for a disability or pregnancy, or not being given medical leave that they are entitled to. In California, when a law is created to protect the public or serve the public interest, an employee generally cannot be retaliated against for complaining about an employer violating such laws. In situations when an employee thinks that he/she has been harassed, discriminated against, or retaliated against because of his/her national origin, race, color, ancestry, religion, gender, mental disability, physical disability, complaints about unlawful discrimination, complaints about sexual harassment, complaints about Labor Code violations, complaints about cheating a customer, taking medical leave for a serious health condition, taking family leave to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition, among a host of other protected activities and/or categories; it is critical that the employee immediately contact an experienced employment law attorney. Many of the best employment law firms in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas have hotlines were employees can call to receive free information about their rights as employees. If employees are having their rights violated, they need to determine the best strategy to deal with their particular situation, this cannot be done wisely without the input of an experienced employment law attorney. Employment attorneys can offer information as to how to properly, preserve evidence, get witness statements, or properly complain to their employer about the denial of their rights. A lay person who attempts to handle the denial of their rights by an employer on their own, is likely to ruin their own case because they do not know the proper methods to follow. Always call an employment attorney to determine what to do, and how to proceed when you believe that your rights as an employee are being violated. If you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, you will find you can find some employment law firms who will talk to you for free. When looking for an employment attorney, find someone who has handled many cases similar to yours. Do not hesitate to ask lawyers questions regarding their background and experience. When seeking to retain an employment attorney, do not withhold any information from them, as the more information you will provide to them the better they would be able to make strategies in relation to your case. If you are looking for an experienced employment lawyer in Los Angeles CA, then you should call Cummings & Franck, P.C. who will gladly talk to you about your case. The employment law firm provides free consultations over employment related matters, and if they offer to represent you, they have a “no recovery no fee” policy. Scott O. Cummings and Lee Frank, are two well-known and highly qualified employment law attorneys who have been practicing in the Los Angeles and Orange County are for a combined 30 years. As wrongful termination attorneys they have gotten awards for their clients in seven figures.

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