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Preparing To Sue Your Boss

  • THE PREPARATION OF THE BEST WRONGFUL TERMINATION CASES SHOULD START, WHEN POSSIBLE, BEFORE THE EMPLOYEE IS ACTUALLY TERMINATED Proving that unlawful discrimination or harassment occurred can be difficult. Employers are not going to admit they broke the law when you sue them. Employers generally lie about everything that they believe they can get away with. Many times, employers order their employees not to speak to former employees who are suing them. Further, many employers threaten retaliation against their current employees who will be witnesses against them. Gathering evidence to support an employment lawsuit requires a skilled attorney who knows how employers attempt to hide their illegal conduct. If you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County area it is important that you seek help from a seasoned discrimination attorney in Los Angeles who can help you gather and preserve evidence as soon as possible. HAVE AN ATTORNEY HELP YOU WRITE A COMPLAINT LETTER TO DOCUMENT THE ILLEGAL CONDUCT BEFORE YOU ARE TERMINATED Complaint letters can be one of the best ways to document an employer’s illegal conduct. However, not all complaint letters are equal under the law.  It is illegal under California law for an employer to retaliate against you when you make certain legally protected complaints. On the other hand, you are not legally protected for making any type of complaint to an employer.  Only certain types of complaints are protected under California law.  You should always seek the advice of an attorney before writing a complaint letter to your employer. An attorney can make sure that the complaint letter you give to your boss will qualify you for legal protection against retaliation. If you write a proper complaint letter, it will document the illegal conduct you are experiencing, protect you legally from retaliation, and if you are terminated for writing the letter, you will likely have a valuable law suit that will be difficult for a corporate defense attorney to defend against. GET CO-WORKERS TO SIGHN STATEMENTS AFTER TALKING TO AN EXPERIENCED EMPLOYMENT LAW ATTORNEY Remember, after you're terminated it may be more difficult to contact co-workers or get them to write statements.  Co-workers are generally afraid to speak out against their employer once a lawsuit is filed.  Additionally, be aware a poorly worded statement may be more damaging to your case than helpful.  Thus, always consult with an attorney before gathering statements, so you understand what type of statements will be helpful to your case. REMEMBER - AFTER YOU'RE TERMINATED IT MAY BE TOO LATE TO GATHER EVIDENCE REGARDING WHAT HAPPENED.

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