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  • Challenging Unlawful Discrimination In The Workplace

    Discrimination against employees based on race, national origin, ancestry, age (over 40), gender, disability and sexual orientation, among others, is illegal in California. If you are, or have been, a victim of unlawful discrimination, talk to a good discrimination lawyer now.
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  • Are You a Victim of Employment Discrimination?

    If your employer terminates you for an illegal motivation, generally, the employer will try to hide that fact, or lie about it. That’s why proving unlawful employment discrimination can be difficult. Employers in California generally know that if they are caught unlawfully discriminating against their employees, it could cost them big money.
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  • What you don’t know about California employment law?

    Title VII is a federal law, and the Fair Employment and Housing Act is a California (FEHA) law. Both Title VII and FEHA make it illegal to harass or discriminate against an employee because of their race, ancestry, color, national origin, gender, disability, and age (over 40). Call us to know more.
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  • What is Unlawful Discrimination by an employer?

    If you are unsure about what ‘unlawful discrimination’ at a workplace is, contact an experienced employment discrimination lawyer to explain your legal rights. You have rights in the workplace, don’t let your boss get away with denying you your employment rights. Get informed.
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  • Preparing To Sue Your Boss

    Suing your boss requires allot of knowledge about the employment laws. You need a great employment law attorney. If you want to win a case for the most money possible, retain the best employment law firm in California that you can find. Call us.
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