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Employment Law Blogs

  • What is Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

    An employer who allows sexual harassment in workplace is liable to the victims for the damages they suffer. FEHA protects California employees from harassment based upon an employee’s gender, sexual orientation, or because of sex. Call our sexual harassment attorneys now for help.
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  • Age Discrimination Lawyers in Los Angeles California

    If you are 40 years old, or above, and have been fired, so your boss could replace you with a younger employee. If your boss calls you offensive names because of your age, because he likes younger employees better, call our successfu lwrongful termination lawyers now.
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  • Know Your Rights Under The California Family Rights Act

    The California Family Rights Act, and Federal Family Care and Medical Leave Act, protects eligible employees who take leave from work to care for a new born baby, care for a sick parent, child or spouse, or because of the employee’s own serious health condition. Call us to learn your rights
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  • Whistleblower Laws Protecting Californians

    If your employer is forcing you to participate in violating government ordinances, regulations, codes, or laws, and you want to report the illegal conduct to a government agency. Laws in California may protect you from retaliationfor complaining. Call our top-notch whistleblower lawyers for help.
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  • California’s Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy Tort

    California employers may fire an at-will employee without a good reason, but an at-will employee may sue if they are fired for an illegal reason. In California, there are hundreds of illegal reasons that can make a dismissal illegal. Call us to find out if you were fired for an illegal reason.
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